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Video Bible Study


We spent a year reading and preaching through the entire New Testament as an opportunity to stay fully engaged in our journey of faith.

Reasons for engaging in this faith journey:  

  • “I’ve shared with you many times the prayer I say every day. “Lord, use me.” “Lord, use me.” It is a prayer that gets its legs and content from a living, dynamic, relationship with Jesus. And that relationship is nurtured, and it grows, from spending time in Bible reading, prayer, worship, Christian relationships, and giving to the purposes of God.” – Senior Pastor Tim
  • “I like the analogy that compares reading the Bible to brushing your teeth. If done only occasionally there isn’t much of an impact (except to cause problems), but when it is done daily it will make all the difference. When we are in the Word of God daily, our relationship with Christ grows deeper and we become more aware of the ways God is at work in our daily life.” -Pastor Amy Martinell
  • “The Scriptures contain the living and active Word of God. They are not simply lines on a page to be studied and analyzed. Instead, this living Word of God actually does something to us when we read or hear it. It opens our hearts and fully engages us in the reality of God. Join us this year as we encounter this living God through the New Testament!” – Pastor Chris Zuraff 
  • “I love that every time I open the scriptures I learn something new. Even if it is a passage I have preached on several times, the Holy Spirit continues to speak in and through scripture. To open up the word is to have an encounter with God and to see my own story through the stories of those in the Bible.  I hope that as you read through the New Testament this year with us, you learn something new about yourself and your relationship with God. May you encounter the Living God in a new way! ” – Pastor Sarah Goldammer

Being fully engaged in our walk with God is key to keeping this gift of life in proper perspective. We are here on God’s behalf, called to be salt and light in Jesus’ name.

Ways to get involved: 

As we look ahead to 2024, we invite you to consider your level of giving. At Gloria Dei, we believe that everyone plays a crucial part in our community. Faith Matters.

Christmas at Gloria Dei

Join us for Christmas Eve at Gloria Dei on Saturday, December 23 and Sunday, December 24. Find worship times and information about everything happening this Advent and Christmas season