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A New Look at Some Old Stories

Hello Gloria Dei,

This weekend in worship we will begin a four-week preaching series called “A New Look at Some Old Stories.” Over these weeks we will focus on the following four stories from the Old Testament: “Daniel in the Lion’s Den”; “Joseph in the Pit”; “Noah and the Ark”; and “David & Goliath”.

Within all these wonderful biblical accounts is the Presence and Providence of God. In other words, God is active and working within the lives and situations found in these stories. I find this to be great news because that means that God is active and working in our lives, and in the wider world today.

Sometimes it is hard to see what God is up to. Yet, these Old Testament accounts show us that even when circumstances look bleak, God can and does work within them. The apostle Paul says it this way in the New Testament letter to the Romans. “We know that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord, and who are called according to his purpose” –Romans 8:28.

I know that the stuff of sin and death is still around, even after the Good News of Easter. Tragedy still happens. Illness still happens. The Bible is clear that life doesn’t always go the way we may want it to. Bad things still happen to good people. Yet I hope that as you read these accounts and as we preach through these next four weeks, you will see that God hasn’t just created the world and then left it all alone. Rather, God is active and working for the good in all circumstances. Easter means that the stuff of sin and death is ultimately defeated by Christ and his power in the cross and resurrection.

For this week, please read Daniel chapter six.

P.S. This past Wednesday and this coming Saturday and Sunday, we are welcoming approximately 95 new members into the Gloria Dei congregation. Please make sure you greet them and give them a warm welcome.

See you in worship,

Pastor Tim

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