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Amazing Grace

This summer, my family and I spent some time on the beach in California. We were together with many members of our extended family. The California coast is one of our favorite places to spend time. It is beautiful. Walking on the sand, with your feet getting wet, with the sound of waves and the sun shining; for me, it brings a peace and joy and helps put life into perspective. When I experience times and places like that, I know the grace of God is shining down. 

Where are your favorite places? With whom do you like to share them? These are examples of the immeasurable grace of God. God’s grace can be thought of as God’s gifts. God’s gifts, undeserved, but they are present all around us. 

From the beginning of time God’s grace has been present. Even when Adam and Eve disobeyed in the garden, there were consequences as they were cast out of the garden, but most of all there was grace. God clothed them and continued to watch over them. The same pattern of sin, consequences, and grace, continues all through Genesis… and throughout Scripture. 

This week in worship we are in week number three of the “Scandalous Grace” series. Our focus this week is on Jesus’ grace-filled parable of the Prodigal Son. Please read Luke chapter 15. 

The son walks away from his father, demanding his inheritance, even before the father has died. It is an insult to the father. And there certainly are consequences for the boy. He ends up penniless and eating pig food. But then, here comes the scandal. Even though he doesn’t deserve it, the father acts with grace, kindness, and celebration, when his son returns home. 

There is grace, too, for the complaining older son, who doesn’t like it that his younger brother doesn’t get the scolding and punishment that he deserves. The father acts in love toward both boys. 

God’s grace certainly is amazing. Think of your life. Where and when have you experienced God’s grace? Where does Jesus fit into all of this? How does grace change you? 

Experiencing God’s grace together with you, 

Pastor Tim 

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