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Chosen to Get In The Game

“As we move into chapter 12 of Romans, Paul gives us instruction on how it is that we are to live as members of God’s team.”

Hello Gloria Dei, 

As I looked back at my notes, it was two years ago that I first told you that this weekend is kind of like a holiday (holy day) for the Selbo household. That is, at least for my son Ben and me. I’ll include my brothers in this too, as they are all a part of it.

What is the holiday? Why, of course, it is the NFL Draft Day. The football draft began last night and continues today and tomorrow.

Two years ago, I used the metaphor of the NFL Draft to say that, just like college players are chosen, or drafted, by NFL teams, so too, you and I are chosen, or drafted, by God through Jesus Christ. That is true. Last weekend, for example, we witnessed six baptisms at Gloria Dei. Six young people were drafted into God’s family through God’s action in Baptism. God’s promises of love, grace, forgiveness, presence, abundant and eternal life, connected to the waters of baptism, are all part of being drafted into God’s family.

My favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings (as if you didn’t know). They chose a young man, Jordan Addison. He is a skilled Wide Receiver coming out of the University of Southern California. Jordan Addison has been chosen. He is now part of the team. But his journey doesn’t end with just being chosen. His journey is really just beginning. He will need to learn the team’s different plays. He will need to become familiar with running his routes. He will work with the Quarterback so they can get to know each other’s tendencies. He will learn to follow the coaches’ instructions. Yes, he is part of the team, but his journey is just beginning.

This week in our NT reading we are finishing up the book of Romans. Please read chapters 12 to 16. In the early stages of Romans, the author Paul, tells us that because of Christ, and through faith in him, you and I are chosen to “be on God’s team”. But being chosen by God is really just the beginning of our Christian journey. We may be part of the team, but now we have lots to learn. How are we to live as God’s people? What does Jesus need to teach us? How are we to treat other people?

As we move into chapter 12 of Romans, Paul gives us instruction on how it is that we are to live as members of God’s team. Romans 12 is truly one of the great chapters in all of Scripture. After having experienced the grace of God, we are given our Christian ethic.

Spend time in Romans 12. Paul says, “Don’t think of yourself more highly than others. Instead, show some humility.” “Use the gifts God has given you, as all people and their gifts are needed within the Christian community.” “Let love be genuine; hate what is evil.” “Don’t seek revenge on others, rather look to give blessing.” “As much as you can, live in peace with others.”

Paul shows us that we have work to do. Living in the joy of God’s grace; having been chosen by Christ, we move out into the world with a strong Christ-like ethic. Jesus says it this way: “Love one another as I have loved you.” In Ephesians 2:8-10 Paul puts it this way: “We are saved by grace through faith… in order to do good works.”

Friends, you are drafted into God’s family. Pure gift; pure grace. Now, get out onto the field, learn the plays from Jesus, and put your faith into action. What a winning combination.

A few announcements as I close.

First, Josh Brewer from Lifelight will be here at Gloria Dei this Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. to guide and lead our Youth Group (Grades 8 – 12). It will be a fun, enlightening, and faith-filled evening. See Josh’s invitation here.

Secondly, a reminder that this Sunday we will say thanks to Lakyn Muilenburg, who has served as our Middle School Coordinator for the past three years. Come and greet Lakyn and say thanks to her for her ministry among us.

Thirdly, on Sunday we will have the Gloria Dei “Haircuts on the Go” trailer in the parking lot and open for you to see inside. It is a wonderful set up, and a fantastic ministry, providing dignity, respect, and free haircuts. We have approximately 25 dates scheduled for this Spring and Summer. Stop by and take a look Sunday morning.

See you in worship,

Pastor Tim

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