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The Book of Jonah and A Reminder of Travel Opportunities

This past weekend, Rally Sunday was a grand time. In worship we began our four-week theme of “Scandalous God: Scandalous Grace”. Church School was up and running well. And we shared great fellowship around the Getcha Coffee food truck and Pueblo de Dios Tamales. This past Wednesday we continued with spirit-filled worship, Church School, Confirmation, Youth Group, Choir, and more. It is so good to hear the positive, Christ-centered buzz around Gloria Dei. Thanks for being at the church together.

We continue our worship series this week, focusing on the Old Testament book of Jonah. Jonah is a very short book, only 48 verses in total. So, please read all of Jonah. It won’t take you more than ten minutes. As you read, ask yourself: What is Jonah’s big problem? Why doesn’t he want to go where God calls him to go? Do you ever get “pouty” with God? Where do you see God’s grace in this episode of the prophet Jonah? To where, what, or whom is God calling you these days?

In addition, I want to remind you once again of two travel opportunities next summer. They are filling up fast, so if you’re interested, now is the time to register.

  1. Turkey and Greece | June 5-16, 2024

Pastor Sarah Goldammer and Pastor Trisha Boese serve as hosts for a twelve-day trip to Turkey and Greece. The journey will include the sites of the early Christian church as well as many modern highlights within Istanbul, Izmir, Santorini, and Athens. Travelers will follow in some of the footsteps of Saint Paul and other early church leaders, all the while enjoying great food and the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

To receive more information and to express your interest in this trip, please visit Sign Ups and Happenings.

  1. Norway | August 5-18, 2024

Pastor Tim Selbo and Gloria Dei member, Mary Schultz, serve as hosts for a fourteen-day trip to Norway. We’ll travel from the plains of South Dakota to the fjords of Norway. The journey will include time in the cities of Oslo, Trondheim, and Bergen, as well as many stops along the way. While learning some of the history of Christianity in Norway, we will also experience its extreme beauty and rich culture.

A preliminary itinerary, cost estimate, and registration form are available on Sign Ups and Happenings.

See you in worship.

Pastor Tim

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