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Stewardship: Faith Matters

Over the next two weeks within worship our theme will be “Faith Matters.” Think of your life. Look back over the different chapters of your life. Think about where you are today. Reflect on what is going on with you and with your family. Now look forward. What dreams do you have out in front of you? What is the next chapter of your life, or your family members lives?

Now, ask yourself: How has your faith in Jesus Christ been a part of the past chapters in your life? Where has God been present for you? In the joys of life, but also in the suffering? How is your faith growing today? What difference does it make that you have been chosen by God to be his very own? How is God’s love for you overflowing to others? And how about your future? As a child of God, your future, no matter what, is securely wrapped in the loving and grace-filled arms of Christ, both now and forever.

When we really ponder all of this, we can say without a doubt that YES, Faith Matters.

“Faith Matters” is our Stewardship theme this year. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for the generous “stewarding” you do of this community of faith called Gloria Dei. Through the gifts of your time and talents, the ministry here is thriving. And through your generous giving of money, money that God has entrusted to you for the building up of God’s kingdom in many and various ways, you enable this congregation to flourish in so many ways. Because of you, thousands of people, locally, statewide, and globally, are impacted positively by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This weekend we will celebrate All Saints. As you think of the chapters in your life, give thanks for the people who have helped to shape and form your Christian faith. Whether they are still living on this earth, or have already joined Jesus in heaven, faith matters. It has an eternal impact.

I invite you to make your Estimate of Giving to the ministry of Gloria Dei for the year 2024. Give generously as you are able. Members have received an Estimate of Giving Card in the mail. You can return that in the mail or drop it off at church when you are here. In addition, you can find Estimate of Giving Cards on our our Stewardship webpage.

We also will have Estimate of Giving Cards available during worship on November 11, 12, and 15. On these dates, we will lift up our financial giving as an act of worship and continue to pray for this Christ-Centered mission.

Yes, Faith Matters.

P.S. Please join us this Sunday night (November 5) for a fun time at Vinyl Taco at 3609 S Western Ave here in Sioux Falls. We will hear stories from our fellow members of Gloria Dei about ministry happening through this vibrant community of saints. We begin at 5pm and go until 7pm. Food will be provided, and childcare is available at Gloria Dei from 4:30 until 7:30. There is still time to RSVP online or call the church office at 605-371-3737.

P.P.S. The Gloria Dei Hero CAST will be honoring Veterans during worship on Wednesday, November 8th, Saturday, November 11th, and Sunday, November 12th. Veterans, please stop by the table in the gathering area to receive a flower and gift.  All are encouraged to stop by the table to write a card or color a picture to thank a veteran. If you or a loved one is currently serving please let Pastor Amy (  know so that the Hero CAST can offer support.

See You in Worship!

Pastor Tim

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As we look ahead to 2024, we invite you to consider your level of giving. At Gloria Dei, we believe that everyone plays a crucial part in our community. Faith Matters.

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